Welcome to BabelBooks, the Australian online bookstore for pre-loved books

We want to help Mother Earth:

Let's reuse books! Stretch your budget a little further and reduce the need for additional paper - saving trees, water and CO2 emissions. Our books are sourced from Australia (that means no transport from overseas :-) ) and delivered 100% carbon neutral thanks to our shipping partner Sendle. And our packaging is recyclable.

We support multi-cultural Australia:

We provide books in several languages, with English and French currently, and Spanish next. Our dream is to have multiple languages (including First Nations ones).

We care about Australia's unique heritage:

We give 10% of our revenues to Magabala Books, a leading Indigenous publisher based in WA, to support publications in First Nations languages. Because perpetuating a language is essential to preserve a culture.

BabelBooks sells donated books:

If you have made the (hard) decision to donate part of your books, get in touch with us. We are really keen to provide affordable books to the Australian community.

If you want to learn more about us, take a few minutes to read our story.

Covid-19 update

Books are quarantined too: with sporadic covid-19 outbreaks in various parts of Australia, collected books stay in storage and untouched for a minimum of two weeks before shipment.

You have never bought pre-loved books online before?

Buying second-hand books online can be a little scary and we strive to make it a great experience for you.

To manage Corona-virus contamination risk, we leave books in quarantine too: they remain untouched for at least 14 days after receiving them. Then books are sorted and become available online. Deliveries are contactless via our shipping partner Sendle.

To help you form a view on a book content, you will find a synopsis as well as information on prize shortlisting and awards when relevant.

You can leave book reviews too if you have a little more time!

To understand the book condition, our book condition guide will help you in the decision process.

To compare prices and delivery timeframes, you will find our shipping policy here: most customers enjoy the ability to buy affordable books ... and fill up their cart with a few books (4, 5, ... up to 10 sometimes). This means we cannot offer a flat rate as most parcels are well above 1kg!

To check what customers think about BabelBooks, their feedback is available here.

And you can reach out anytime of course, for further questions or suggestions, at customercare@babelbooks.com.au