Book donations

Note that pick-ups of books in English are paused in Victoria and NSW until late July, as we need to catch-up on the backlog from very generous donors.

BabelBooks sells quality pre-loved books to give them a new home and to support Magabala Books, a leading indigenous publisher in Australia.

BabelBooks picks up books you would like to donate English, French and Spanish. We are currently operating in Melbourne and in Sydney, where we pick them up for free. Ideally, we would like to collect at least 50 books at a time.

In Melbourne, we come with boxes so there is no need to pack up your books. However, if you would prefer to box them yourself, please choose a small format (eg 40 cm X 30 cm X 30cm) so that one person can handle them.

In Sydney, donated books have to be boxed for our shipping partner to collect them. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept books without ISBN (13-digit barcode on the back of books), damaged or obsolete books (eg text books), old dictionaries, coffee table books, magazines and travel guides. Our book condition guide will give you a sense of the book conditions we accept.

If you would like to donate books, we will be delighted to organise a pick-up: just leave your contact details below and we will be in touch within 24h.

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