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  • Thank you so much for making it possible for my little mum (who is in her nineties) to enjoy the French novels which I ordered as a gift for her. They arrived promptly and in very good condition. Also the tracking was so good, giving me reassurance that they were safely in transit. I wish I had known about you long before this. I will be ordering more very soon. Best wishes to you and the team at Babel Books.

    Huguette Raman
  • I was so impressed with the range of affordable French books available and how quickly the books arrived. The service is excellent and even better to know that we’re part of the circular economy. It’s an excellent initiative. Thank you!

  • We were so excited to find a HUGE selection of French second hand books for adults and children. With the ongoing lockdown in Melbourne, my 7 year old was complaining that he had read “all the books in the house a thousand times…” and was desperate for some new material. We ordered for the whole family and the owner of Babelbooks hand delivered to us the very next day! We are very impressed by this service and we wish it every success in the future.

  • Beautiful books from Babel arrived today. Great condition, excellent pricing and efficient service. My weekend is filled with joy to be reading these books. I am also impressed by the philosophies underpinning Babel Books. Thank you.

  • So thrilled to find an old classic for my young 6 year old son. Thank you Babel Books for giving me and others in the community an opportunity to purchase such books.


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