Just Crazy!

Just Crazy!

Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 216
  • Publication date: 2000
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
  • Weight: 0.17 kg ISBN: 9780330362153 Note that the actual book cover may differ from the picture

Is this the right book for you?

Take the CRAZY TEST and find out:

Do you bounce so high on your bed that you hit your head on the ceiling?

Do you ever look in the mirror and see a crazy maniac staring back at you?

Do you like to read stories about kittens, puppies and ponies getting mashed and pulverised?

Do you sometimes get the urge to take your clothes off and cover yourself in mud?

Do you often waste your time taking crazy tests like this one?

SCORE: One point for each 'yes' answer.3-5 Congratulations. You are completely crazy. You will love this book.1-2 Congratulations. You are not far off completely crazy. You will love this book.0 Congratulations. You are 100 per cent sane, normal and well adjusted. You must be crazy! You will love this book.

Nine highly original, humorous stories complemented by imaginative and hilarious illustrations from one of Australia's most well-known and acclaimed illustrators, Terry Denton.