The Secrets of Mary Bowser

The Secrets of Mary Bowser

Lois Leveen
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 496
  • Publication date: 2012
  • Publisher: HODDER & STOUGHTON
  • Weight: 0.336 kg ISBN: 9781444736250 Note that the actual book cover may differ from the picture

'I spy with my little eye, where the bird goes when he doesn't fly,' Mama said one mid-day, her words floating on the Richmond heat as we carried empty cookpots through the yard to the kitchen.

Mama, your little girl is all grown up, and still playing our best game. I am a spy . . .

Mary Bowser was born a slave. She was freed and educated.
Then she willingly went back into slavery . . .

As the American Civil War looms, Mary gives up her independence and returns to her home state. There she poses as an illiterate slave in the Confederate White House and spies on President Jefferson Davis.

But as the death and destruction of war take their toll, Mary discovers that everything comes at a cost--even freedom.

Based on a true story, The Secrets of Mary Bowser is an extraordinary and inspiring tale of injustice and courage, friendship and conflict--and of one woman willing to sacrifice her own liberty to change the course of history.